Simon Goltz

How to deploy DMG Files on macOS with Endpoint Manager

Deploying LOB Apps for Windows is a fairly easy task. For OSX more effort has required if you wanted to deploy .dmg files. Microsoft released a public preview feature that eases thinks a little bit if you’re deploying apps that are .app files copied to applications from a .dmg image. I will describe it in this article using Handbrake a very cool video transcoding tool. How To To install the app we will execute the following steps

How to monitor ZPA App Connector connection status

Quality in IT-Operations is based on proper testing and also proper monitoring, especially of critical components. ZPA App connectors are one of those and there are many ways to monitor the health of the server or the service itself e.g. using SNMP. One thing that I was looking for quite a while was how to monitor the connection of the App Connector to ZPA Cloud. It could be lost although server and service are fine.

Hello World

Hi Internet. My name is Simon, I spend a lot of my time with implementing Zero Trust architectures based on Zscaler and Microsoft Endpoint Manger. I work for a Microsoft/Zscaler Partner. I blog about what I learn. Let’s go.